[OpenSCAD] To the OpenSCAD developers. Please help the poor guys.

don bright hmbright at fastmail.fm
Thu Sep 10 23:36:50 EDT 2015

Just curious... what kind of graphics do you have? Can you go to
help/library-info and paste it on pastebin or somewhere? How big is your
scad file (thousands of lines?). 

  don bright
  hmbright at fastmail.fm

On Thu, Sep 10, 2015, at 06:26 PM, jpmendes wrote:
> To the OpenSCAD developers.
> First of all thanks for your amazing work.
> In the past August I started modelling  a real delta 3d printer, that I
> intend to publish for the community, based on an new idea I had some time
> ago. It has been a pain in the ... not because of OpenSCAD of course,
> debut
> because although a have a 6 core processor I do not have a 3D oriented
> graphics board. I'm a poor guy... So for the poor guys of this world
> please
> try to help.
> My suggestions are:
> 1 - The scintilla editor should remember on startup the modules,
> functions,
> and instances that were collapsed in the previous session.
> 2 - Please add a command line to adjust the viewpoint. The lag between
> the
> action of the mouse and the display update drives me crazy.
> 3 - Automatic backup every time we press «F5» in order to be possible to
> kill the process if we are caught in a loop or extreme delay and not
> loose
> the work, recovering the work from the backup. 
> 4 - Better than suggestion 3, would be to have a button to stop CSG tree
> compilation like the one for CGAL compilation.
> 5 - Even better than 4 would be the editor to be independent of the
> compilation processes. The CSG tree compilation could be done over an
> automatically generated backup copy of the actual file with a process
> running in background. If «F5» pressed again the background running
> process
> would be aborted a a new one started. Now I think I'm asking for too much
> ...
> Any help to speed up things to the poor guys of this world is welcome.
> Thanks.
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