[OpenSCAD] Working around CGAL color limitations, mesh post processing.

ufomorace ant.stewart at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 10 07:42:18 EDT 2015

Ok i have written an X3D color per face parsing code. It writes color X3D and
i don't have the original colored vertex array from openscad so i can't
color my model as originally intentioned... I have tried instead to color it
by angle of the faces of the elements.

I just worked for 1 hour to understand why there is a difference in the
angles of the normals of triangles that are at the same angle, what
invisible mesh particularity is making my code bug slightly. So my
coloration results are not practical for the moment, i would nearly prefer
to code it directly into openSCAD for a solution. The x3d Export code i have
coded was very straightforwards and saves the files fine every time. All
that is missing is to compare the colors of the input mesh and write them to
the output mesh. 

1> i dont know what language OpenSCAD is written in
2> i dont know how private/static/reserved/next to window/void functions
3> i don't know what variables to save the input array to, for later
comparison to the output mesh, perhaps i should write it to a .txt file and
read it after CGAL has finised writing, i dont know.
4> Perhaps someone could supply me with a coding framework for openscad
where i have access to the input arrays of objects and their colors, and the
output ones, and from there i can write a code that saves a color x3d file.


here is the x3d file i can save from an openscad .stl output:
MATRICES24620.x3d <http://forum.openscad.org/file/n13756/MATRICES24620.x3d>  

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