[OpenSCAD] Parting Line?

Neon22 mschafer at wireframe.biz
Mon Sep 7 22:58:33 EDT 2015

yes - indeed.
However my point is to not go as far as that but to see if we can do this
kind of op with a sensible set of useful operations within OpenSCAD.
I.e. is there a way to use the core to construct (which I feel is
reasonable) a negative mold of a complex part.

My suggestion is to facilitate this within the design of OpenSCAD, not to
turn it into a more complex programming lang.

- we have list complerehensions and we can construct polys from lists and
polyhedrons from lists.
- we should also (IMHO) be able to get a list back from a projection() so we
can use it in a list comprehension to further adjust it...
- I agree BBOX() is another super useful thing for exact same reasons.
  - potentially a query like bbox(modulename) would fit into the language
(the geometry from the module being discarded from the CSG tree.

 - bbox(modulename); could return a list of min,max XYZ triplets.
 - 2D(projection(modulename)); could return a nested polygon list. I.e.
points and paths.
 - hit_test(object1, object2); could return a true or false depending on the
existance of an intersected result. or better an XYZ triplet of center of
bbox of the intersected objects.
In all three cases any resulting geometry would be discarded (or hidden(*)
so caches would be kept) from the final tree.

In this way there is minimal adjustment to how OpenSCAD currently works.

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