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Gary Crowell garyacrowellsr at gmail.com
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I like the features of the new editor too, but I don't use it.  I like the
autocomplete and in-line help offered by my thing
<http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:167899> for use in Notepad++ as an
external editor.  I haven't noticed any other editors that offer both for

When I type 'tr' it opens the following drop-down list:

*translate ([*
*translate ([0, 0, 0])*
*translate ([0, 0, 0]) cube (size = [1, 1, 1]);*
*translate ([0, 0, 0]) cylinder (h =*
*translate ([0, 0, 0]) rotate (a = [0, 0, 0]) cube (size = [1, 1, 1]);*
*translate ([0, 0, 0]) rotate (a = [0, 0, 0]) cylinder (h =*

This is much like your commented list, except that it is available at a few
keystrokes rather than a copy-and-paste.  And there are similar lists for
nearly every keyword, where appropriate. I don't include 'center' in the
above list, because it has it's own autocomplete with 'ce'.

Typing 'rotate(' opens the following tooltip:

*rotate ()*
*rotate (a = [x, y, z]) {...} - rotates the object 'a' degrees around the
*Also: rotate (a = deg, v = [x, y, z]) {...} - rotates the object 'a'
degrees around the axis specified by the vector.*

And again, nearly every keyword is represented.

I could never get the autocomplete/tooltip files to work with any Notepad++
version later than 6.5.3, but all older versions are available on the
Notepad++ website. At least for OpenSCAD, I haven't noticed that newer
versions offer anything significant.

I'm a pretty inexperienced user of OpenSCAD, so the autocomplete lists
reflect what I've found useful.  I'm sure there are many entries that could
be added - I'd welcome suggestions.

On Sun, Sep 6, 2015 at 2:34 AM, wibbly <rob at hitenter.co.uk> wrote:

> Love the new front end, makes things very easy to use.
> There is one thing that I would love to see. We now have icons across the
> top of the editor. We also have the very useful cheat sheet. Would it be
> possible to link the two to save typing and syntax errors. I think it would
> make things very simple for newbies and get them on board.
> I have a template at the top of which is a commented out list of all of my
> most commonly used commands. I just copy and paste the commands into my
> code
> whenever I need them.
> Eg
> translate([0,0,0])rotate([0,0,0])cube([0,0,0],center=true);
> If I don't need to 'translate' or 'rotate' I just leave the values as '0'.
> If there was a simple icon bar at the top that allowed me to select
> cylinder, cube, sphere etc etc all that I would need to do is click on it
> to
> get the command to create the shape, and then enter the parameters. No
> syntax errors, and no trying to figure out where the mysterious errors are.
> I use openscad to design plastic models with multiple parts that are 3D
> printed separately due to print bed constraints. So my code is in module
> format, and I just have a list of modules at the end, and comment out the
> ones I am not printing prior to exporting to STL.
> Probably pushing the boat out with this additional request, but if Openscad
> could identify module names, and hold them in a drop down list, it would be
> great to just click on the module that I wanted to export, name it, and
> export it.
> It's a great tool, took me a while to get to grips with it, but use it
> daily
> now.
> Rob
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