[OpenSCAD] Working around CGAL color limitations, mesh post processing.

ufomorace ant.stewart at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 6 04:37:07 EDT 2015

Hi Bobc, a carve version sounds ingenous. There is color by vertex and by
polygon and by uvs, i have found that PLY also does color by vertex, it's a
surprise to me, i was just thinking of color by triangle only because it is
a clear contrast. Shapeways seems to only accept vrml2 and x3d files for
color. It's to render any kinds of unions made with different color cubes. i
was hoping to print variations of this code in color:

Neon22, yes it's a bit unwieldy x3d given all the xml, ill have to triple my
magnesium supplements prior to reading the specifications doc :D I will have
to read what they say on the discussion page as it sounds confusing. It's
much more difficult for me to understand a programming library to find where
the triangles and indices are kept than to actually write code to compare
all the source file triangles to the rendered file and copy the rendered
file ones so that they are the same as the input colors. 

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