[OpenSCAD] Front end suggestion

wibbly rob at hitenter.co.uk
Sun Sep 6 04:34:39 EDT 2015

Love the new front end, makes things very easy to use.

There is one thing that I would love to see. We now have icons across the
top of the editor. We also have the very useful cheat sheet. Would it be
possible to link the two to save typing and syntax errors. I think it would
make things very simple for newbies and get them on board.

I have a template at the top of which is a commented out list of all of my
most commonly used commands. I just copy and paste the commands into my code
whenever I need them.


If I don't need to 'translate' or 'rotate' I just leave the values as '0'.
If there was a simple icon bar at the top that allowed me to select
cylinder, cube, sphere etc etc all that I would need to do is click on it to
get the command to create the shape, and then enter the parameters. No
syntax errors, and no trying to figure out where the mysterious errors are.

I use openscad to design plastic models with multiple parts that are 3D
printed separately due to print bed constraints. So my code is in module
format, and I just have a list of modules at the end, and comment out the
ones I am not printing prior to exporting to STL.

Probably pushing the boat out with this additional request, but if Openscad
could identify module names, and hold them in a drop down list, it would be
great to just click on the module that I wanted to export, name it, and
export it.

It's a great tool, took me a while to get to grips with it, but use it daily


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