[OpenSCAD] OpenSCAD2 design docs

Marius Kintel marius at kintel.net
Tue Sep 1 15:05:51 EDT 2015

Hi Doug,

I was out traveling for a long while, but back again now.
Catching up on OpenSCAD issues, but hopefully able to contribute to this again soon.
Drop me a note if there are anything in particular you’re looking for now, or if I should just start reviewing it top-down.


On Jul 20, 2015, at 10:07 AM, doug moen <doug at moens.org> wrote:

> I have very little time to spare for this right now. I hope to have time to start writing code in August or September.
> At the moment, I've got a first draft of parser.y, and I've planned out some algorithms and data structures, but that's it.
> I was hoping to get more feedback from Marius, but he's gone off and started a new company, so he's busy.
> There is no "release schedule", but the general plan is:
> * get feedback from the community, update the design based on feedback
> * carve up the design into smaller pieces that can be implemented independently, or in phases
> * recruit people to write code for the various pieces
> * start coding
> Doug Moen

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