[OpenSCAD] Errors loading dxf files on OpenSCAD - OS X

Jean-Paul Louis louijp at yahoo.com
Sun May 31 13:08:28 EDT 2015

Hi Developers,

I really love your product. I use the OS X latest available files.

While trying to extrude a profile downloaded from the 8020 website, I get the errors listed below when I load the DXF file: 

Compiling design (CSG Products generation)...
WARNING: Unsupported DXF Entity 'POINT' (2) in "../../OpenSCAD/libraries/DXF/25-2525.dxf". 
WARNING: Unsupported DXF Entity 'ATTDEF' (11) in "../../OpenSCAD/libraries/DXF/25-2525.dxf". 
Geometries in cache: 146

Is that something I should worry about?


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