[OpenSCAD] New 3MF file format

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Wed May 27 08:16:40 EDT 2015

Von: "doug moen" <doug at moens.org>
> On the other hand, most of the other people implementing AMF are probably
> also basing their implementation on V0.47, so whatever text happens to be
> in the pay version of the AMF standard probably doesn't matter all that much.
Actually there are some details that are fairly important for interoperability
across different programs. In general the file structure is pretty well
explained in Wikipedia and most information (especially the XML schema is
freely available).
Also Hod Lipson, technical contact and ASTM F42 Task group chair is pretty
helpful and also answers specific questions in the google group. Unfortunately
he failed to convince others to make the specification freely available.
This is likey an ASTM/ISO issue and not related to the actual specification,
but still it's hugely annoying.

>From what I know, both cura and slic3r implementations are not based on the
released spec version. Last time I looked, the netfabb implementation did
not follow the specification regarding the actual file storage when using
ZIPed format.

> On 27 May 2015 at 05:28, Bob Cousins <bobcousins42 at googlemail.com[bobcousins42 at googlemail.com]> wrote:
> > Personally I find it a lot easier to implement 3MF than AMF.
> >
I can't see much difference there and AMF is pretty trivial when ignoring
the curved triangles (where I'm still not convinced that's extremely useful,
especially due to the fixed 5 level recursion, but I might be wrong here
as I did not dig into the details).

And basic AMF support is already implemented, the export is included in
the release version. The restrictions are mainly coming from limitations
present in current OpenSCAD and are not related to AMF.


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