[OpenSCAD] Semantics CSG ops with respect to color, materials

MichaelAtOz oz.at.michael at gmail.com
Tue May 26 07:05:19 EDT 2015

Yes. So what I'm trying to say is that this capability is incoming, so
whatever internal mechanisms need to be designed with this as a future
possibility, not necessarily now, but choosing an implementation now, needs
to recognise that this will be a next step. 

Although it may be Real-Soon-Now (TM).

I'm looking into slicers support, to be documented shortly, but so far, they
seem to be single material only. But my searches are in early stages.

I note a comment at reprep.org from 2012, basically saying multi-stuff is
chicken and egg, without support in slicers/firmware multi-stuff is not
needed in OpenSCAD, while without support in OpenSCAD mutli-stuff, does not
need to be supported in slicers/firmware.

So at least, slic3r, supports AMF with multi materials (details to follow),
so to advance, we need OpenSCAD to support multi-materials in AMF export,

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