[OpenSCAD] eval( ) ???

doug moen doug at moens.org
Tue May 19 08:53:59 EDT 2015

runsun said:
> 1) There will be some way to add new component or remove existing one,
> right?

Yes. An object literal can include all or part of another object, then
define additional components.

> 2) One thing that I'd like to see (for any new design in openscad) is for
> shapes to bear coordinate info. Unfortunately this new design doesn't have
> it. There's a "translate(...)" from which we know where it is, but that's
> by reading the code.
> In my coding all the shapes I design have the coordinates as the first
> argument. The openscad default usage ( i.e., everything starts from [0,0,0]
> ) is just a special case. With that, I can build my shape starting on any
> coordiate. That saves a lot of brain power trying to figure out how to
> rotate and move a new part to fit the existing one.

Redefining the way that existing shape primitives work is outside the
scope of my project. (It's already a very big project, and also,
backward compatibility is a requirement.)

However, the object facility that we've been discussing gives you the
ability to add named fields to a shape. So, it should be possible to
create a library that redefines all of the built-in shape primitives,
adding coordinate data as new fields to every shape object created by
the library.

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