[OpenSCAD] Visually and by inspecting code: surface looks perfect - But: "Object may not be a valid 2-manifold and may need repair"

kaefert at gmail.com kaefert at gmail.com
Mon May 18 06:51:58 EDT 2015

Hi there!

I've found a quite complicated piece of openSCAD code here:

which I wanted to modify and export to STL.

My resulting scad script can be found as attachment. Now my problem
is, even though both when trying to understand the code and when
looking at the preview in OpenSCAD this object looks fine, but when
pressing F6 and exporting to an STL I get this message:

Trying the same with the original script taken from thingiverse
results in the same Problem.

WARNING: Object may not be a valid 2-manifold and may need repair! See

Opening the resulting STL in Meshlab shows that my propellor blades
seem to be missing caps, which they defeniltly aren't inside OpenSCAD.

Could someone help me? I've tried for a few hours myself but could not
find a workaround.

Thank you, kind regards,
Thomas Käfer
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