[OpenSCAD] eval( ) ???

arnholm at arnholm.org arnholm at arnholm.org
Fri May 15 08:38:40 EDT 2015

On 2015-05-15 03:47, Marius Kintel wrote:
> There are a number of projects doing this by implementing API
> front-ends for various programming languages, and generate OpenSCAD
> code.

Interesting, any links?

> Also, in the ongoing language revision discussions, one of the
> possible features we’re discussing is to allow functions to return
> shapes (i.e. unify the concept of functions and modules). This would
> make it possible for programmers to abstract away some of the things
> which has to be explicit today.

Better abstraction features would be great, that is in essence what I 
wanted. OpenSCAD is "The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller" and as a 
software engineer I would like to have similar abstraction capabilities 
when "programming 3d models" as when programming applications. So a move 
in that direction is good.

However, improving the modelling capabilities with general sweeping etc. 
is just as important.

Thanks for the great work you are doing!

Carsten Arnholm

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