[OpenSCAD] two bugs

jon jon at jonbondy.com
Thu May 14 11:40:59 EDT 2015

If you compile the following code with F5 you will get a part of a mold 
that I am designing.  You will have to revise the "import" code so that 
it can see the STL that I have attached.

Bug 1: if you align the visualization as shown in the screen shot, there 
is a "ghost" that is sometimes visible.  This can be confusing and 
distracting: is it really there or not?

Bug 2: if you now compile with F6, the mold disappears and a triangular 
solid appears.  The "difference" has vanished.  So, the mold is 
effectively useless.



th = 10;
rch = 0.1;
maxX = 47.1/2;
maxY = 28.3/2;
minX = -maxX;
minY = -maxY;
maxXth = maxX + th;
maxYth = maxY + th;
minXth = minX - th;
minYth = minY - th;

module Lock() {
     translate([minX, minY, 0])
         import ("d:/stl files/enigma lock for mold.stl");


module P1() {
     polygon(points=[[0, 0], [minXth, minYth], [minXth, maxYth]], 
paths=[[0, 1, 2]]);

module BotM1() {
     difference() {
         translate([0, 0, -th])
             linear_extrude(10.3 + th - rch)

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