[OpenSCAD] eval( ) ???

runsun runsun at gmail.com
Wed May 13 00:56:42 EDT 2015

Indeed. A first class function will work pretty well in cases like I post
above. Just thought of something. Since in openscad, parameters and
functions are stored in different places:     abc=3;    function
abc()=...;Assigning abc to a parameter, if possible, will be confusing:    
x = abc; // function or parameter?A possible way out of this is like what
Visual Basic does:    x = something; // assign parameter    *set* x =
something; // assign objectThat is, *set* for object assignment. In
openscad, could be function or module assignment. Not sure how expensive it
is though. 


$  Runsun Pan, PhD 

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$ -- hash parameter model: here , here 

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