[OpenSCAD] minkowski - how to keep exact dimensions

Stefan Krister stefan.krister at creative.chaos.de
Thu May 7 03:30:06 EDT 2015


Stefan Krister schrieb am 06.05.2015 um 10:43:
> I would like to have the lenght of the bracelet the exact value of
> "diameter", as well as the middle part should not be greater than
> "width" and "height".

a resize([length, width, height]) did it.

> I would like to have it already bended in the
> preview. How can I do that?

That was a challenge ...

Step by step in a for loop I sliced (via an intersection) the long
object and got many slices. Then I rotate each slice and transform it to
the right place along a circle.

At the end, I got this:




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