[OpenSCAD] new "Special Variable"?

runsun runsun at gmail.com
Wed May 6 13:01:31 EDT 2015

Ivo wrote
> With all this meta information available, it would be nice to get rid of
> the "echo" in echo() 

+100 !!

Ivo wrote
> and be able to format stuff prettier. I'd like to be able to generate
> openscad files in openscad.

My  OpenSCAD_DocTest lib <https://github.com/runsun/openscad_doctest>   can
write formatted code to the console. It's, in fact, making use of OpenSCAD's
own features. So OpenSCAD can do some type of formatting.

Recently I recoded my lib to be able to generate html page. See  here
<http://doctestscad.runsun.info/doctest_tool_api.htm>   for example. The
webpage is dynamic and entirely generated by OpenSCAD, including HTML, CSS
and Javascript. The only post-process I need is to get rid of the unwanted
"ECHO: ". (see my  python code
for this purpose).

So it seems that OpenSCAD is already capable of doing what you want. 

BTW, can you give an example usage of generating openscad files in openscad


$  Runsun Pan, PhD 

$ -- OpenScad_DocTest: doc and unit test ( Github , Thingiverse  ) 

$ -- hash parameter model: here , here 

$ -- Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca x64  + OpenSCAD 2015.03.15/2015.04.01.nightly 

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