[OpenSCAD] allowing center= parameter to be a vector of booleans

Drew Rogge drew at DasRogges.com
Sun May 3 20:33:53 EDT 2015

I often find that I want a cube to be centered about the z axis but sitting on the z = 0 xy plane. What do people think of allowing the center= parameter of 2D and 3D primitives to be a vector of booleans. That way one could center a primitive on whatever axes are desired instead of all or nothing. In my cube example I could use:

cube([10, 20, 5], center=[true, true, false]);

instead of translate([-5, -10, 0]) cube([10, 20, 5]); or translate([0, 0, 2.5]) cube([10, 20, 5]);

Although not clean it would also be handy if booleans could also be represented by zero/non-zero numeric values instead of the verbose "true" and "false".

I'm open to other ways of doing the above if anyone has any suggestions.


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