[OpenSCAD] New 3MF file format

doug moen doug at moens.org
Fri May 1 11:28:00 EDT 2015

I haven't read the 3MF format spec, but it sounds superficially a lot like
AMF, with maybe a few additional features. AMF is also an XML based format,
which means it is easily extensible. Microsoft could have used or extended
AMF, but my experience with Microsoft and standards committees is that they
don't like to play in other people's sandboxes. They generally want to own
the sandbox.

We have a lot of Windows users, so it's possible that at some point, there
could be user demand for the ability to import/export 3MF. Microsoft will
want us to support this feature, in terms of their overall goals for 3MF,
so it's unlikely that they would sue us for implementing 3MF import/export.
Yes, I know it doesn't work that way for open source projects implementing
audio/video codecs, but I think this is different. Microsoft wants to use
3D printer support as a new way to drive people to use Windows, and they
won't succeed if they demand licensing fees from every open source project
that tries to support their 3D printer interface. And I think they
understand that.

I am also not a lawyer.

On 1 May 2015 at 10:50, Ed Nisley <ed.nisley at pobox.com> wrote:

> Thoughts?
> Proprietary lock-in.
> This phrase from Appendix A tells you all you need to know about the
> patent licensing: "on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms". If
> the FRAND patent model worked, the mobile phone and tablet industry would
> be a happy garden of mutual innovation, rather than a dismal swamp of
> litigation.
> The broad exceptions in Item 3 of Option 2 tells you that anything you
> create *will* be deemed infringing, because you'll be innovating in a
> related field that's not covered by the FRAND license. The only question
> will be whether you have enough money to make you a worthwhile target.
> I. Am. Not. A. Lawyer.
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