[OpenSCAD] Crash on Windows 7 when run from PHP shell_exec()

Marius Kintel marius at kintel.net
Wed Apr 29 10:24:44 EDT 2015

Hi Ian,

Windows cmd-line stability is indeed not comparable to Linux or Mac, mostly due to us not having any native Windows developers on the team, so we’re dependent on getting help debugging this in the field.

If you could try a few things that might help us get some ideas:
* Run 'openscad —info’, so we can get a good idea what your installation looks like
* Test with various types of designs, not only STL imports, to see if the crash is independent of the design or not
* Test if openscad.exe and openscad.com both give the same results. openscad.com is just a wrapper dealing with stdio as that’s a bit tricky under Windows.
* Investigate what environmental differences exist between normal cmd-line usage and PHP. Things like CWD, PATH, or other environment variables might trigger bugs
* Check if there are any traces of the crash in the Windows Event Log.
* ..and if you’re adventurous: Build from source and see if you can get a stack trace of the crash.

The symptom that it crashes on the second run is a bit odd though..


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