[OpenSCAD] Benchmark, recommended .scad's

Chow Loong Jin hyperair at debian.org
Tue Apr 28 00:25:59 EDT 2015

On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 04:44:23PM -0700, MichaelAtOz wrote:
> I'm getting close to cutting over to my new PC.
> I just need to install the graphics card, but I am testing with the built-in
> Intel graphics first.
> It seems relatively fast ATM.
> Does anyone have suggestions for challenging (not earth stopping) code which
> could be considered for benchmark comparison across my current PC (core2
> 2.53 GHz 4GB SSD Ion Graphics), my new one (i7 quad 3.4-3.9 GHz 16GB RAID
> SSD Intel Graphics), and ditto plus a medium range Graphics card (ASUS
> GeForce GTX 750 Ti Strix 2GB).
> Perhaps I could build a consistent set of performance test code for use
> across versions. Code exploiting different aspects of OpenSCAD internals. ??
> I'm not talking about many hours of rendering, but ~2 hours max could work
> if it was recommended for a particular a reason.
> I'm starting with some of the examples. (#24)

The projector plate in this project takes 20-30 minutes to render on my Ivy
Bridge i7 laptop: https://github.com/hyperair/projector-mount/

Lots of minkowskis and hulls from using Andrew's generalized fillet library.

Kind regards,
Loong Jin
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