[OpenSCAD] Voxel file format

stonysmith stonysmith at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 21:00:57 EDT 2015

First, it's 1million TRIANGLES, not 1m polygons.  If you upload a file made
out of polygons, it will first be triangulated, and then fail in the upload
process for having more than the limit of triangles.

Second, I believe that, rather silently, they upped it to TWO million
triangles many months ago. (or, at least some number more than 1m)

Third, the Shapeways file size limit is still 64mb.  But, SVX must be
zipped, so the compression will help you out on the size.

Forth, I'm not real happy with the SVX implementation, the model is uploaded
as voxels (cubes), but they render them out to polygons, and then apply a
polygon reduction operation to the outer shell of the model.  The polygon
reduction they apply has the effect of smoothing the model a bit too much
for my tastes.  It may well be within the resolution of the printer, but to
me the detail produced looks terrible.

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