[OpenSCAD] Compiling for 64 bit Sparc Solaris 10

Michele denber at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 20 01:07:39 EDT 2015

/"This is just a helper script, it's not a precondition for the build
to work. If Qt not installed in a known/default location, the script
will not find it, but the build still could work."/

OK thanks, but do you know /where /the script is looking for Qt?  It's not
clear (to me anyway) what the script is doing.  My Qt ended up in

/"This should allow to compile without the new editor, allowing to postpone
the installation of the QScintilla library. "/

That would be nice since I'm not sure my Qscintilla install worked.  It said
it completed successfully but when I tried to compile Octave it said it
couldn't find it.  So if I don't use Qscintilla does that mean I don't get
an editor?

I'm still a ways from trying the Openscad configure because I also still
need to get CGAL and OpenCSG working, and they're giving me trouble too.

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