[OpenSCAD] Editor issue: file opening unfold folded codes in all open files

runsun runsun at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 21:39:05 EDT 2015

Issue: Opening a file (old or new) unfolds all codes that are folded in all
currently opened files.I've been encountered this issue for some time. It
happens in the older version as well as the newly released 2015.03 and the
nightly-builds (OS: linux Mint 17 and/or 17.1 x64)This creates a headache in
a coding session. Every time I opened a file, I'll have to go thru each
opened file to re-fold those that were folded before. This looks like a bug.
BTW, since we mentioning this, how about a "fold all" option in the menu ?
When files get larger, it'd be extremely helpful to be able to fold them all
at once. You can only work on a small portion at a time, anyway. 


$  Runsun Pan, PhD 

$ -- OpenScad_DocTest: doc and unit test ( Github , Thingiverse  ) 

$ -- hash parameter model: here , here 

$ -- Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca x64  + OpenSCAD 2015.03.15/2015.04.01.nightly 

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