[OpenSCAD] Snippets with QScintilla for OpenSCAD?

brad hopper braddo_99 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 16 12:48:29 EDT 2015

Hey folks,
Now that OpenSCAD has a new underlying editor - QScintilla, I wonder if there might already be support for "snippets", by which I mean shortcut strings which resolve to longer code templates. (If you google for "snippets" and Qscintilla, you'll get a lot of hits for what I think is actually just mini tutorials on how to use QScintilla, which isn't what I mean)
For example, in OpenSCAD, when I type "for", 99% of the time I will continue to type:
for(i=[-1,1]){    translate([i*0,0,0]) (something like cylinder() );}
and of course, if I type "cyl..." I will almost always want to get
cylinder(r=0,h=0); etc
I think a lot of editors do this type of thing - I used to use Sublime Text 2 and still use Notepad++ but just got tired of using two apps instead of one, especially now that OpenSCAD has nice looking syntax hilighting, theming etc.
I'm thinking that QScintilla might already have this feature and it may be a matter of editing/making a configuration file somewhere... true?
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